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By Jake Brown

“Vegas Dave” Oancea is one of the top sports handicappers in the world. His big money payouts come on his futures bets. He picked the Royals before the 2015 season to win it all, which won him a cool $3 million. He picked the Broncos before the 2015 season to cash out $2 million. This NFL season, he was all-in on the Atlanta Falcons since Week 1, where he was able to get them at 75-1 odds to win the NFC. A win against the Packers Sunday will get Vegas Dave $2 million, and a Super Bowl win would have him another $3 million richer.

Not too shabby for a team thats odds when the season started were not too good. The sports betting extraordinaire joined me on The Jake Brown Show on CBS Radio’s to explain what made him pick the Falcons.

“I’ll be honest it was mostly for value at 75-to-1,” said Oancea. “I’ll take those odds anytime in the NFL because anything can happen. I watched that Kansas City game when they lost to the Chiefs, Kansas City only scored two offensive touchdowns the rest were pick sixes and a fake punt and I watched Atlanta and really started following and studying everything they did. Every single day I would update myself on the team page and follow all the stats and I realized you know what this offense is the best offense since the greatest show on turf with the Rams back in the day and Matt Ryan paid his dues this is like his 8th or 9th year he’s paid his dues I think he’s a good veteran quarterback and this is the first year I truly believe, don’t get me wrong I always believed defense wins championships that’s why I took the Broncos last year because I knew with a game manager like Peyton Manning and that defense they could win the Super Bowl. Defense wins championships; however, this is a year which I haven’t seen in a very long time where there are no dominant defenses. None. Texans are not a dominant defense, the Chiefs are not dominant, there’s no dominant defenses. So, this is a year where a great offense will win the Super Bowl and a team with a good enough defense kind of like a bend but don’t break defense and the Falcons have that.

“Typically Dome teams on turf don’t win Super Bowl’s, teams with good offenses don’t win Super Bowl’s,” said Oancea.  “Usually its defensive teams and plus the Falcons didn’t make the playoffs the past couple of years, they started hot last year I think 5-0 then they fell apart, so even if they won five in a row people weren’t gonna get excited over them. People still aren’t believers over them, but I think once they win on the big stage this Sunday people will be believers of this Atlanta team.”

The Falcons will have their hands full trying to stop Aaron Rodgers and the Packers Sunday in Atlanta. Rodgers has led Green Bay to eight straight wins and is playing some of the best football of his career. Nonetheless, Vegas Dave is a firm believer they will have no problems. If they get to the Super Bowl, they would take on either the Patriots or Steelers. Despite all the experience behind the Pats, Oancea would rather take them on then Pittsburgh.

“Here’s the truth I hope the Patriots win I’d rather face the Patriots than the Steelers I think Atlanta is a better matchup against the Patriots,” said Oancea. “The Patriots to me have no weapons, Edelman that’s it on offense they’re just D rated players all around with Brady. The Patriots have faced the easiest slate of offenses in all of football. Easiest. Meaning Brock Osweiler, every single weak AFC quarterback that’s in there they faced the weakest offenses all season long by football metrics and guess what, Atlanta faced the number one toughest schedule. It’s gonna be a rude awakening if those teams meet I guarantee Atlanta will beat the Patriots and it’ll be on Tom Brady, but guess what you can beat the Patriots, it’s the Falcons year this year. If you watched the Texans game, you never judge a season on one game, but any other quarterback besides Osweiler would’ve hung 30 or 34 on the Patriots that game. They could’ve won that game, the Patriots played the weakest schedule in all of football. They’re not battle tested Atlanta has and there’s nobody that could stop Atlanta’s offense.

“I’d rather play the Patriots. I’m not concerned it would be a tougher matchup for Atlanta I believe because no one has a good defense this year it’s all offenses and if you watched that Pittsburgh game, Pittsburgh puts up points it’s just they got stopped in the red zone every time by the Chiefs. They could’ve hung 30 or 40 on the Chiefs on the road, in bad weather so I’m more afraid of that offense then the Patriots offense.”

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