TOTAL PAYOUT $2,457,200

FullSizeRender(3)So the question that everyone is asking me is…… Are u going to hedge for 750k guaranteed money or let the 2.5 million ride on the Royals? So I’m posting this now before the games even start today. NO I am not hedging and I will tell you why. This year I went 52-1 on my system plays in MLB. My average bet is 20-50k a game. I hit 2 round robins this year one at quarter million and another one at 400k plus. I cashed out my biggest payday of my career when I predicted the Texas Rangers to win the AL West at the all star break when they were 10 games back. They had a .05% chance of doing this and it got done. That payout paid me out 580k. I have over 2500 customers that paid me for MLB plays this year. So if my Royals bet loses for 100k which I invested its nothing to me. Im betting 100k parlays now days with my increased bank roll. All my wagers I post online to shut up any of the doubters and to establish credibility.So where 750k is a lot to most people thats not a lot for me right now.

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FullSizeRender(6)I believe in KC. I saw something that the so called experts didn’t see in week one when the were picked to finish at the bottom of the division. They were +3000 odds!!!!! I was right they were wrong as KC ended up having the best overall record in the AL. They have home field throughout the playoffs and the World Series. This is huge Kaufman stadium rocks similar to the Seahawks in football. Everyone is on the jays and cubs and I will briefly break down why I don’t believe that will happen and why the Royals will win it all. KC is the most overall balanced team in MLB. To me they have best lineup in the majors. Yes the jays have 3 40 home run hitters back to back to back in their lineup but guess what? You dont win playing home run derby in the playoffs. October games are won by pitching and defense which most bettors don’t understand. October games are won by base hits doubles walks and an occasional blast. You don’t win the crown by swinging for the fences and we saw in Houston, therefore they got eliminated. See Houston and Toronto are similar teams if they don’t hit 2+ home runs a game they usually don’t win. The K is one of the biggest stadiums in MLB. Where a home run in Toronto sometimes would not even make the warning track at the K. The jays will not hit well outside the dome..These type of teams don’t hit well in cold weather mark my words. KC has better pitching. I believe they hit Estrada today, KC hits pitchers like him well, pitchers that don’t throw that hard and just mix up speeds. They can hit Estradas off speed pitches for sure. Volquez who I like to call steady Eddie has been KCs most reliable pitcher this year he is very under rated and he was picked up to replace Jake Shields last year. Most people don’t know that Volquez numbers for the regular season matched Shields from last year in wins and ERA. Now you add Ventura who to me has top 3 stuff in the majors when he hits his target. And lately he has been lights out his last 10 starts. Throw in Cueto who was a top 5 pitcher in the majors the past 5 years and you have 3 great pitchers no one can match. If the real Cueto comes to play just like he did the last game Its hard for any team to get consecutive wins off the royals. Bottom line KC gets no respect. They are an underdog all the time and I have made more money on them week after week then I have ever in one season of my 15 years of sports betting. They can hit anybody!!! Hosmer is the most under rated 1st baseman in the majors. Rios was their weak link all year. He was a guaranteed out every time up. But I had a vision and told my dad one day that I believe both Cueto and Rios will turn it around in the playoffs as Ned Yost never gave up on them. Rios is hitting 400 in the playoffs and Cueto tied a record for retiring 19 straight in the playoffs. When everyone  was talking shit to me and messaging me how bad Cueto sucks I just said I believe in him and talk to me during the playoffs. See you can’t take a pitcher who as been a top 5 pitcher trade him and then all of a sudden he sucks and loses every game. When he had 6-7 bad games I always said to my self and my dad I’m not worried he’s too good to go from great to bad. If he can have 5 bad starts in a row he can easily have 5 great starts in a row. I believe in Cueto!!!!! But bottom line the deciding factor of why I believe KC will beat the jays is the bull pen. Thats how playoff games are won. The 7th 8th and 9th innings are the key factors. We have the best pen in the playoffs. Our bridge with Herrera Madson to Davis is unreal. Davis is lights out no one has a closer close to him in the playoffs. I don’t care about Osuna. You put a 20 year old closer on the mound in a playoff game most likely he will not perform like he would during the regular season. The playoffs are intense, every pitch matters, every call by the umpire matters. A called strike 3 on pitch that was a ball could cost you the game. The games are so intense. Im very happy I had dug out seats for the final game against Houston. It made me realize how good this KC team is. I watched that dug out during and between innings. I have never seen so may calm and cool players in my life. They are so confident even when trailing in a game. After the 2 run homer by Houston I was pissed and when the inning ended I figured the players would be coming to the dug out a little depressed. To my surprise it was the opposite. They were high fiving each other like they were up 2 not down 2. I was like WTF hello 5 more innings and the season is over. But as always the Royals came back and won. They are never out of the game they believe in one another. Where the jays hit bombs the royals get base hits doubles and an occasional bomb. They put rallies together on a team effort. The just pass the baton to the next player. If Rios who has been their weakest hitter can get on 1-2 time a game and Hosmer stays hot this team won’t lose. The team can’t win with a cold Hosmer bat and they can’t lose with a hot Hosmer bat as well.  The royals only need 2 hot hitters at a time because that lineup has so much depth. Come on they have Alex Gordon hitting 8th and Perez hitting 7th. They have depth in the pen and not just in the lineup. Jays have no pen and only one lefty in there. That will hurt them. KC rocks righties out of the pen and hit less off lefties. God I hope the Jays pitch Latroy Hawkins in this series, he’s the worse set up man in the majors. This series as expected will be close however if its close advantage to the team with the better pen. As in the NL I was hoping that the mets and cubs would make it. Both are too young. Cubs who thrive off their bats are loaded with rookies and 2nd year players. I believe the nerves will get to them if they make the WS and cost them. Where the youth is in the cubs hitters the mets have their youth on the mound. Harvey Syndaguard, and Degrom will not be lights out. You can’t put 3 kids under 24 in the WS and expect them to pitch like they have during the season. There are so many nerves pitching on the mound in the playoffs its a totally different atmosphere. Youth will break both the cubs or mets if they play KC in the WS. So If KC beats the jays I think the royals have a good matchup for them. Don’t forget KC has playoff experience they were just in game 7 of the WS one year ago and was one out a way from tying the game. If they make the WS again they will have the experience. The nerves won’t be there like last year, and that is a key factor playing a bunch of young players in the cubs or mets. This series will show that the Cueto Zobrist deals were better than the Price Tulowitski deals. Zobrist is such a patient hitter he always works the pitch count and gets on base. He’s the most under rated player on the team. This is team of destiny. Seeing them come back down 4 in Houston was unreal. Not to mention Mooses mother and Chris Youngs dad just recently passed. I believe in this team when no one else did and still do. Not to mention the city of Kansas City needs this. Im sorry but that city has nothing going on. KC winning the WS will bring excitement to that city. The city needs this crown. From the Uber drivers and servers at the BBQ shops I met, all say the same thing “Go Royals”. A world series win would do a lot for this city.

As of now Im not hedging but I could always change my mind. Again one of the deciding factors is that Im up so much money this year in baseball that 100k is nothing If I lose it. Again Im betting 100k a day on parlays sometimes. Making history would be sweeter. Anyone can predict a winner at 2-1 odds or 4-1 odds at the beginning of the year but predicting the winner at 30-1 odds and having it happen is special. A 2.5 million dollar payout off a 100k future bet would be the biggest future bet cashed in the history of sports betting. I will be forever remembered for this world wide if it happens. I have been wrong many times in my 15 year sports betting career but most of the time Im right. Im hoping im right again for my sake, my players sake, the sake of the desolate city of Kansas City, and most of all for my parents. As I promised them to buy them their dream home if this ticket cashes.