ANOTHER KILLING: Professional Las Vegas bettor Dave Oancea has a $2.3 million win on betting that the Denver Broncos would go all the way and win Super Bowl 50 on wagers he began placing in August. Dave is the guy who made headlines with a $1.5 million win when the Kansas City Royals cleaned up in the World Series. He made that winning bet just one week into the 2015 season.

Dave moved to Las Vegas from Honolulu and took a $10,000 student loan to attend UNLV. His notoriety began in 2012 when he bet that the Baltimore Ravens would win the Super Bowl, and they did, giving him $208,000 from his $8,000 wager.

More recently, he predicted that Holly Holm would win over undefeated UFC women’s champion Ronda Rousey for a $240,000 payout on his $20,000 bet. He made his first bet on the Broncos in August with $30,000 to win at 14-1 for a $450,000 payout.

In an article he wrote in August, Dave said: “The Panthers won 18 straight home games playing a lot better at home than on the road. Denver will blitz more and put pressure on Carolina. I do not believe Carolina has what it takes to beat Denver’s No. 1 defense.” The entire article is at


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